Dynamite Mountain

by The Bitterweed Draw

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released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


The Bitterweed Draw Calgary, Alberta

“If bands could be character actors, The Bitterweed Draw would have been in every celebrated 70s Western exploitation flick involving a bar brawl as the tall, scar-covered badass fighter you wished the entire film was about instead.”

– Sled Island, Music and Arts Festival
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Track Name: MoonShining
Mmmm Shannon moon shining in the dead of the night I'm drinking in magnus until the morning babe I am looking for my woman, wrong side of town I'm looking and looking and waiting around if you wake up in the morning and I surely am dead then you know that moonshine gone straight to my head

Moonshine in moon shining in the dead of the night I'm drinking that moonshine till the morning they like I'm looking for my woman on the wrong side of town I'm working an alert and and creeping around if you wake up in the morning and I surely am dead and you know that that moonshine gone straight to my head
Track Name: Bang Pow
Bang pow they shot Millie down there going to bury her bone snack call grants night Banpass a shot Millie down they going to bury her bone bare-bones bank they shot call you down there going to bury her bones in that pulldown and I bank with a shot that poor girl down there going to bury the backbeat of this old country band
Bang pal of a shot make you down they going to bury his bones and not call grand night bang power they shut the big man down there going to bury the heart and soul of this band

Bang pow they shot Kathy's fiddle down she couldn't stand the pain associates your dad as well bang pal well they shut her down there going to bury the southern belle of this band
MDs steel veins run through my town the snow falls while the freight trains pound this place is got nothing for me now since they lay their bodies in the cold cold ground bang pal I'm going to find him someday know but I was going to save him from there on godly fate bang pal they're going to ruin the day that they buried buried buried buried my headband
Bang pow bang pow the shots rang out and me and Danny hit the ground bang pal bang pal one by one they put us in the ground
Bang pow bang pow bang pow bang pow bang pow bang bang pow bang pal
Track Name: Moonshiner blues
Where you can put it in your coffee you can put it in your tea you can drink it all night you can pass it to me like my old gram said God I have a couple doubles if you're going to sleep at night well I never met a party champ quite like him let himself on fire pouring gas in the burn been nothing that a couple swigs can fix that night when is Jim beam's great well if someone else is buying but when you can fill your job from the tub for a dime she's a pretty easy choice when it's my own hard earned pay on the line well it ain't against the law just to have a good time but me and Uncle Buck never see eye to eye I got me them moonshiner blues
Well some people drink gin and some people drink tequila but I'm here to tell you soon that shits going to kill you like a little zombie zombie one said to me well she said I sniff cocaine and Jimmy eats emotions I could smoke a fuckin package you but I won't drink liquor its made in a factory
Track Name: Drugs Gurrl?!
Hold on girl got the tablet love to put your head in the world hold on hold on girl Don't you know that everything's going to end in a curl hold on hold on girl I got the tableau to make your heart race girl you wear your party dress I'll drive the El Camino tell your papa that will have you back and tanned tomorrow take some white lines maybe black and tans if you get anxiety well I've got some adamant n I've got a type of love that make your heart race girl

Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on Holla Holla Holla holler at me girl I've got the type of love that make your heart race

Got to New York crash the governors Ball dental not until you fall asleep in my arms cold Medina what's the matter all send the word and I'll meet you in the bathroom still at the top of love to make your heart race girl
If you're feeling sad that's pity but if you're feeling a radical Jepson mail us the check up a little line to get that fucking shit it down your spine guaranteed to make your heart race girl I've got the type of love I put the path of the hall
Track Name: Wheatland County Rag
Little Miss Alina can do in Israel never don't better than any old town Tiffany I wanna be your friend all night light it up like a tampon in a fire out looking for a dollar nickel or dime everybody knew him on this county line everybody knew Mr Lewis so well at the old tavern in the old hotel with get the way running from the main get up the way it going fast so I can get the way going to put me in jail pretty little mom won't pay my bill where is Little Miss Lee family so swell up in the old hotel Mr leak coming from 10 in his crops Liu hit the ground only one hammer dropped worried man blues in the shell nexium and saw an old man on the Wii the kind of know I never responded to be a whip on the back but it's 39 years on the CBR track
Track Name: Whiskey Richard
I wept with you throughout trials of time and when they shot Eddie Vedder well I got it Woodmint I saw the light for a little while somewhere between the Bloom and the blight I pissed in the hallway and started a fight I'm sorry darling I'm losing Touch
But it ain't so bad at least my heart don't make so much no more no it ain't so bad at least my thoughts Don't keep me up no more or
September 24, 2005 I laid my head against the speaker cone and Pop ecstasy pill to change my life now it's whiskey Coke eat cigarettes and whiskey dick and dad stay with me oh I'll make me feel young again

Oh fuck off dad get out of my room you ain't the boss of me oh fuck off dad get out of my room you ain't the boss of meeeeeee
Track Name: Old Fashioned Man
If you want to help me out any light my cigarette pucker up Lipscomb reception to send dress looks there's one thing drives me wild fashion woman and if there is one thing drives him while old-fashioned man to get your black dress on going out tonight if the cops ain't fucking lucky well were going to start a riot you know why I can't take it slow like no high school dance so get your hot Heels on and get ready for Romance will these people make me if you like them lights up on the strip but to change the chatter of these assholes for the chat room some chips will burn a hole for this casino if they give us half a minute yeah I will rob him blind they want even know what hit them For the first row of a snake eyes second was a 630 pick up Michi damn Wynsum fix that going to take us in the alley and break every bone below my wrist with the ball peen hammer and a little bit of spirit will they tried to take me out but I broke loose I had that fucker with an uppercut in loosened up his tooth don't want to wade into the water with me boys I feel electric don't want to wade into the water I feel electric
So finish up your pints and spill into the street we turn it in until we feel the morning he eats and we don't give a fuck if you're up before the sun for the sun for the sun straight whiskas no iäms I'm a fancy feline. Strait whiskas no iäms no iäms
Track Name: Diablo
I shake and rattle down city streets with the smoke in my mouth and a film on my teeth I await the night to take the day when the streetlights bleed out bleed out down the streets broad and narrow case marketable sole roll down the street Broad and narrow I'll drink until I die
And I'll turn to the alleyways and transcend the avenues and I'll turn to the booze if you turn your back on me
But all of my closest friends will they'll stick with me till the end Through menopause and kidney stones broken hearts and bankrupt so all of my closest friends they scream until The bitter end through hurricanes lightning strikes suicides and cheating wives
Diablo what have you done with our souls Diablo what have you done without a soul
Love the SeaFest Bassio since I just Thesda your mail call it a sanguinolent there is no Tara yeah Chrissy Vicky different this so rehab yet I know plus the picture it Emile Amore me Stella Sando it Emile Amore Mistala sendo
Track Name: Little Sadie
When I last night make a little round metal city in a boner down went right home went to bed 44 smoke was under my head I started thinking about the deed i dun grabbed my hand away a good run little too slow / took me in Jericho what is standing on the corner ringing a bell I thought your share from Thomasville said Nelson your name brand name of the night but I'm sitting down where you sir my name is Lee and I killed city in the first degree first degree second degree got any papers home. Of them hey take me downtown dress me in black put me on a train in the sent me back had no one for to go mail spent the night in the county jail judge in the jury taking their stand just had to paper in his right hand 41 days 41 941 years at the ball and strives
Track Name: Dynamite Mountain
Gun Nana Dynamat mountain I'm going to have myself a time walk right in that city town take what I want mine going down a dynamite mountain I'm going to have my cell football walk right up that share their in feeling full of all cuz I am sick to the bone and I don't know my way home sick today well and looks like sick to the bone well last time I saw the preacher's son looks like you found Papa's gun collecting every single soul in sight 10 man in the middle of the night went to kill your own Daniel right putting their loved one six feet need the ground way that posse up 10 min never was heard from again set for the whispering howling of the wind well man came riding into town problem see you was just a sound when he was done the whole town can sleep again 27 moons it fell in just before that midnight Bell ice cream ran out so loud it took the phone just said was a definite crash that mountain can you know so fast in the only sound was ever heard again ...Was the wind dynamite mountains coming down